Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic File

With the progress in technology, everything nowadays has gone electronic. And so has your conventional foot file. A callus bothering you? Are your daily activities getting disturbed? The Amope pedi perfect electronic file can get rid of it fast. Much faster than the other methods available out there.

The Amope Pedi perfect electronic file is easy to use and gentle on your skin making it the most preferred product out there for the removal of foot callus. After only a few uses your feet feel smooth and soft.

The electronic file is manufactured and designed keeping in mind the fragility of the human skin and at the same time the notorious nature of the foot callus. Made to remove the hard tough callous skin to give smooth results after just one use.

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Amope Pedi perfect electronic file

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The Amope Pedi perfect electronic file comes with a handle and an operating end which contains the roller. The machine is battery operated and weighs as light as 12 ounces.

The roller end is manufactured with advanced micralumina technology where the roller is impregnated with specifically selected abrasives to remove the hard and thickened skin. It also comes with separate micralumina roller heads that can be replaced with different grades of coarseness to suit individual needs depending on the callus.

The handle has been made comfortable to grip to dampen the vibrations of the machine and to allow the user to operate it for prolonged periods if needed.

Amope Pedi perfect electronic file


Get started fast and easy:

Buy, open and use.

Insert the provided roller head into the handle of the device, make sure it is engaged and locked in place. Insert the batteries and switch on the device.

Makes sure your feet are dry before using the device. Wet feet do not allow the hard skin to be removed effectively. For best results, clean and dry your feet before use.

Simple to use:

Once the device is up and working, move the roller end on the affected area of the skin giving light to medium pressure depending on your requirements. Continue with regular movements on the area until the dead dry skin is removed and the area is smooth and soft.

Stop if the area becomes painful or inflamed.

Amope Pedi perfect electronic file

Moisturize for best results:

Once the excess dead dry skin has been removed by the device the area would be left dry. When this is done, thoroughly rinse and wipe your feet to remove any dead cells that are left behind.

Then, apply a moisturizer or cream on that area to prevent the dryness from building up.

Individualise your treatment:

Your unit, your timings, your convenience.

Use in successive sessions until results are seen and your feet are silky, smooth and soft. The duration of the treatment varies from individual to individual and depends upon the way they use the product.

Use the product at your convenience and include it in your daily routines where you seem fit.

Results quick and easy:

The skin on your feet is much thicker than the skin on the other parts of your body, up to 20 times to be precise. And a callus over that further adds to it.

But the Amope pedi perfect electronic file has been designed with micralumina roller heads to quickly and easily penetrate through this thickness and provide results.

And all this in the absence of sharp blades, making it safe to use as directed.

Personalise your treatment according to your needs:

Amope Pedi perfect electronic file

The roller head, that is the main operating unit of the device can be replaced according to your needs.

There are three grades depending on the coarseness that is needed to provide the necessary results. Overly sensitive, use the soft grade…a tough callus, use the coarse grade.

And under long-term use when you feel that the roller has suffered sufficient wear that it is not able to be as effective as before, exchange roller heads and it’ll be as good as new.

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The product has been designed with a motor that is only so strong as to slow down or stop when too much pressure is applied. Sometimes, this might not be favorable to the person using the product as he may want to exert the additional pressure to get rid of the callus.

When removing the dead skin, as it abrades, the scrapings spurt out.

Is not waterproof and requires batteries.

Where can I get reviews?

You already know what we love about the Amope pedi perfect electronic file, but if you’re still on the lookout for more reviews on the product before making your purchase, definitely head over to Amazon by clicking here, where you can find more than 100 customer reviews that will help you make a decision.

Final opinion:

An electric foot file is definitely a good choice for removal of most foot calluses. Being the most preferred device for foot callus treatment this is one you will not regret going for. Convenient, ease of use, latest tech and more for you to be back on your feet asap.

In such cases, the below-mentioned products might be a better choice for you.

Amope Pedi perfect electronic file

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