Callus cream – O’Keeffe’s exfoliant cream

Of all the mechanical methods out there that just fight through the callus through force, there are passive methods of callus removal too, such as the callus cream.

The top among them being the O’Keeffe’s exfoliating creams. These creams contain an exfoliating agent, meaning an agent, chief among them being glycerin and salicylic acid, that causes the excess cells that have piled on the surface to eventually cause a callus to form. Thus by causing those cells to exfoliate or shed off, this reduces or removes the callus or the dead and dry skin.


callus cream

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What is it?

The O’Keeffe’s exfoliant callus cream is just that. The callus cream detaches the dead cells from each other so that they shed off as they normally should. 

In addition to this, the cream is a concentrated product for promoting healing and repair of the damaged skin and cracked feet in addition to the removal of the callus.

This is achieved by the following ingredients that it contains to produce the desired results and the same time not be toxic to the body.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Ammonium Stearate, Ammonium Borate, Dimethicone, Ceteth-10, Laureth-4, Paraffin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Allantoin, Octyldodecyl Stearate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Why and how it works?

The callus cream has to work against the dead and more importantly dry skin. And it does this by increasing the moisture levels in the skin and also preventing the loss of existing moisture levels. This is done by creating a protective layer on top of the skin.

But how does it do this?

Of all the exfoliants that are available, the one that this cream contains is glycerin, which in addition to being a natural exfoliant also has the added action of being a moisturizing and hydrating agent. This helps the feet to get back to their hydrated and healthy original state.

The paraffin creates a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin.

In addition to this, the cream also contains allantoin as one of the main ingredients. The function of allantoin is to soften the skin and thereby facilitate the penetration of the cream into deeper layers of the callus to increase its potency and efficiency.

And the callus cream has been designed in such a way to produce these effects fast to keep up with our fast-paced lifestyle. People claim to see improvements in a few days of use.

callus cream callus cream

Pros :

  1. Safe for diabetics.
  2. Improve moisture levels.
  3. Forms protective layer.
  4. Quick action – noticeable change in days.
  5. Non-allergenic.
  6. Non-greasy.
  7. No offensive odour.
  8. No physical injury possible as opposed to the other mechanical options. (No brutal force needed)

Cons :

  1. Produces a chalky white covering on your feet.
  2. Might have a disagreeable texture to some.
  3. Does not work for severe cracks and calluses.

Where can I get reviews?

You already know what we love about the O’KEEFFE’S EXFOLIANT CALLUS CREAM, but if you’re still on the lookout for more reviews on the product before making your purchase, definitely head over to Amazon by clicking here, where you can find more than 100 customer reviews that will help you make a decision.

Points to remember :

For best results, use the cream after bathing or at bedtime. If using at bedtime, wait for some time after application and wear socks during the night.

Final opinion :

The O’Keeffe’s exfoliant callus cream is definitely a non-brutal and smooth way to deal with your calluses. But, in case of large thick notorious calluses and cracks, it is not known to produce the results that we desire. It does remove the calluses when not severe and also doubles as a long-acting moisturizer.

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